M3U stands for MP3 URL and is an audio and video playlist file.
The common use of this file format is for combining streaming links in one single file that runs as one single playlist. That is why it is commonly used by IPTV services providers.
TV streaming via internet has been overwhelmingly growing in recent years, threatening to devore the old cable and satellite TV broadcasting. Year after year, the number of internet users increase and demand on services via internet and smartphones goes higher and higher.  IPTV came to stage to answer the users’ new needs, and now IPTV has attracted a wide community of users around the globe.

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You want to know more about IPTV and its types and formats, see our full post on what IPTV is.
To stream content via internet you need to a streaming link that refers back to the broadcasting provider.
What about streaming hunders of channels? Probably it needs hundreds of streaming link? Right? Not with M3U! M3U files came right to solve this trouble.
With an m3u playlist is file that can combine together a huge number of streaming links.
All you need is an m3u file and software on which you run it. VLC Media Player does well in this respect. It is easy to use and completely free! Just add this file to the media player and you can stream 1000s of a channel by using its default function. This file is updated on daily basis.
So you need to keep yourself updated to get the right M3U file.
You can also get the regional M3U file which has the streaming links of the regional channel.
An M3U file is a “plain text file that specifies the locations of one or more media files. The file is saved with the “m3u” filename extension if the text is encoded in the local system’s default non-Unicode encoding (e.g., a windows codepage), or with the “m3u8” extension if the text is UTF-8 encoded”, as stated by Wikipedia.


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